About us

Aire Logic is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care, from the clinical staff experience to measurable patient outcomes.

Aire Logic (formerly XML Solutions) was founded in 2007, and has spent the last 10 years working across the healthcare sector, with services ranging from IT enterprise architecture to creating bespoke software solutions. We work with organisations such as NHS England, NHS Digital, Public Health England and Genomics England to increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and improve patient outcomes

Prior to this, the Aire Logic directors, Mike and Joe, had been working as software builders and consultants in the healthcare industry. During this time, they had been involved in a number of local and national IT projects but wanted to address some of the big questions; what would really help the NHS? How could technology make a significant difference?

The directors felt that one of the main challenges in the industry was the divide that still existed between the clinical and technical capabilities of the NHS. The healthcare sector is constantly evolving, often requiring rapid change on a large scale. In most cases, the existing technology was too slow to reflect these requirements and deliver what was needed at such a fast pace. New legislation or guidance would be brought in, but clinicians would find themselves forced to wait for the IT companies to make the necessary changes to their systems in their release cycles. This process could take months, or even years, and left healthcare professionals with little control over its eventual implementation.

Aire Logic was founded to address this issue and improve the communication between technology and clinicians. We do this in three ways:

  1. Technical consulting – We advise organisations and governments about how to evolve their healthcare technology.
  2. Agile development and DevOps – We build bespoke healthcare software tools and have expertise in other technical areas, such as integration.
  3. Product development and support – We have our own range of healthcare products, such as our electronic smart forms platform, forms4health, which provide the increased responsiveness needed for clinical technology to keep up with clinical practice.

As Aire Logic moves into its second decade, our network of talented architects, developers, and consulting clinicians, continue to push the boundaries of healthcare technology. Not only can we provide high quality software, tailored to your specific needs, but our experience in healthcare strategy and agile delivery mean we can provide a meaningful implementation for your organisation to find the solution that is right for you and help you to deliver the best standard of care to your patients.

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