Our staff

Although they come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, our staff are united by the fact that they are all smart, friendly, and dedicated. Our company is very much about collaboration, rather than competition, and as such, our employees continue to develop in their roles as they learn from each other, and our clients. We attract people who love technology, but loath technology for its own sake. We find ways to improve the technology our clients already have at their disposal, or to create new technologies that will make a difference.

Our goal has always been to create a positive working environment for our staff, and to maintain a balance that allows them to be simultaneously engaged in their individual projects, and the wider company. Unlike many other organisations that provide consulting or technical staff to work on client projects remotely, for the majority of our work, our staff will be on client site, making sure they are an integral part of the project, and the teams they are working with. This model invariably leads to a greater level of understanding, involvement across all aspects of the project, and constructive relationships with in-house staff.

In addition to our permanent staff and wide range of talented associates, we have also developed a network of clinicians who we regularly consult with to ensure our work reflects the latest developments, and responds to the most pressing needs, in the healthcare sector. Our clinicians come from across a variety of healthcare settings, from GPs to secondary care nurses. This means we are able to get specialist advice, and create tailored solutions to suit the specific requirements of our client’s healthcare environment. We are always actively seeking to expand our relationships in this area, and believe the invaluable clinical insight our network provides to be an essential part of our business model.

Our directors

Mike Odling-Smee

Mike comes from a strong technical and analytical background with a PhD in Atomic and Molecular Physics. He started his IT career in 2000, transitioning into healthcare IT in 2005. Mike met Joe on the BT Spine 1 as a fellow member of the Spine Wide architecture team, where Mike was the Lead Messaging Architect.

Mike provides strategic and technical consultancy advice to our customers, helping them navigate the complexity of healthcare IT and interoperability. Over the years, he has been a serial innovator and looks at novel approaches for solving or streamlining business and technical problems. Mike is keen to maintain a hands-on knowledge of IT, he enjoys doing development when he has the time as well as being the product and technical owner of our in-house products.

Joe Waller

Joe has worked in healthcare IT since 2004 when he joined the first NHS Spine project as part of the National Programme for IT. He often says that since then he has been making up for the sins of the past. Today he advises everyone from the boards of the central NHS bodies to local charities and healthcare organisations on the best way to approach technology change and the best way to harness its potential to provide actual benefits for patients and health services.