Aire Logic and Leeds Community Healthcare Trust shortlisted for NHS Excellence in Supply Awards

We are really pleased to announce that Aire Logic and Leeds Community Healthcare Trust have been shortlisted for the Non-Clinical Innovation Award of the NHS Excellence in Supply Awards 2018.

The awards are an annual event hosted by NHS North West Procurement Development, and this year, have expanded to recognise achievements across the whole of the North of England.

The event promotes and celebrates private sector organisations working in partnership with the NHS to deliver high quality, effective and efficient patient care; helping the health service to do more for less.

The partnership between the LCH Service Improvement/Dietetics Team and Aire Logic was shortlisted for the award for successfully implementing a digital version of the Functional Gut Disorder (FGD) form, supporting people seeking dietary treatment for IBS in community clinics. The new eForm is improving patient experience, increasing patient engagement, and demonstrating the vital role technology can play in effectively delivering care.

The project addressed the following challenges:

  • The amount of patient-facing time consumed by form-filling, and the need to capture regular, accurate symptom-monitoring data
  • The number of referrals made to the service for diagnosed IBS has risen by 25% over two years, so time effectiveness of appointments is paramount
  • IBS is strongly linked to anxiety and stress; the eForm empowers patients, encouraging ownership of their monitoring/ symptom management (in line with 5YFV objectives)

The eForm developed with Aire Logic allows patients to monitor symptoms by smartphone (or other devices) as often as they wish. Results upload directly to their electronic patient record for the clinician to review prior to each appointment, meaning they can spend consultation time focusing on delivering personalised care.

Because the eForm requires less time during face-to-face contacts, clinicians have more time (approx +20mins per appointment) to invest in direct patient care. Since introducing the eForm, patients also require 50% fewer appointments to complete an episode of care, benefitting IBS patients and other patients waiting to be seen.

The NHS Excellence in Supply Awards will take place on Thursday 4th October at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, celebrating the great relationships and achievements from both the NHS Procurement departments and NHS Suppliers.

Gill Smith, Business Development Director at Aire Logic, said “Working with the Leeds Community Health Dietetics and Transformation team has been a real pleasure. Supporting them in their bid to engage patients with technology, assist with self management of care, and achieve some real efficiencies has helped us learn a lot about patient engagement and how forms4health can make a real difference for patients as well as professionals.”

To find out more about the FGD eForm project, click here.

“I know I’m more prepared for a patient when they walk through the door, and am making better use of my time in the appointment because I don’t have to spend so much of it on symptom reporting. I can get to the stuff that really matters – giving advice that will help my patient.”

“Using the e-form in this way makes a significant difference to the way I support patients with IBS. I can make the most of the consultation time focusing on the patient, already aware of their symptom changes. And if a patient needs support between appointments, and phones me, an updated e-form improves the value of this type of contact as well.”