Aire Logic selected as one of the Digital Enterprise Top 100

Aire Logic is proud to have been selected as one of The Digital Enterprise Top 100 – an initiative recognising businesses who have successfully embraced digital, and reaped the benefits.

Not only did we make the list, but Aire Logic was chosen as one of Digital Enterprise’s ‘ten of the best’ – highlighting the ten companies judges deemed worthy of special recognition from the Top 100. We were also delighted to be chosen to appear on the front of the Digital Enterprise Top 100 magazine, which includes a special feature on Aire Logic.

Digital Enterprise is a business support programme, based in Leeds, which helps small to medium businesses to scale up and achieve digital transformation. The programme is funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund 2014-20), the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and by the 9 local authorities that make up the Leeds city region, and provides both funding and guidance for companies looking to use digital solutions to help their businesses grow and improve.

In order to recognise and share lessons from some of the businesses across the region already using technology in innovative ways, Digital Enterprise launched the Digital Enterprise Top 100:

“The Digital Enterprise Top 100 is a major initiative to identify those companies that are setting an example for others to follow within the world of digital transformation… [the] campaign will profile and celebrate 100 of Leeds City Region’s most innovative, digitally mature and transformational digital businesses; sharing their stories, not just across Yorkshire and the North but the UK and internationally.”

Businesses were assessed by a small handpicked panel of experts on criteria such as the percentage of cost reductions to internal processes that comes from digital projects, the cultural side of digital maturity and innovation inside the company; including how staff are incentivised and rewarded for generating and implementing new ideas, and how digital innovation is clearly linked to growth in business plans.

Head of Digital Enterprise, Muz Mumtaz, said “Innovation, skills and digital transformation are at the very heart of helping businesses to succeed and grow. They are key to building a sustainable and growing economy…”

Dr. Michael Odling-Smee, CTO at Aire Logic, said “We’re very pleased to be chosen as one of the Digital Enterprise Top 100, and especially proud to have made it into the top 10. Our company is founded on the principle that technology, used in the right way, can transform an organisation, so it is great to be recognised by Digital Enterprise as an example of positively applied technology in action. We hope that we can continue to help other organisations find innovative and effective ways to employ technology and achieve their goals.”

Not only do Aire Logic embrace technology in their own business strategy, but we are specialists in helping other companies to achieve digital maturity. Whether by reviewing your whole IT estate, advising on architecture, or delivering agile projects, Aire Logic can help a business conduct an effective digital transformation. We developed our own Agile methodology, EA Light, to specifically assess the meaningful drivers and goals of any project, and the realistic capabilities of the client, and produce appropriate principles and strategy to deliver the desired outcomes.

In addition to these services, Aire Logic’s award-winning eforms platform, forms4health, provides a versatile tool to support businesses in achieving paperless working and digitising their operations.

Please contact us to find out more about how Aire Logic can assist with your digital transformation.