Aire Logic, Mixd and Doctolo – delivering a comprehensive GP Online Consultation Solution

This week, Aire Logic, Mixd and Doctolo were proud to present their GP Online Consultation System at NHS England’s GP Online Consultation event at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.

The initial funding allocation for CCGs/Practices for procurement of systems is about to be released, and Year 1 spend on solutions needs to be completed by 31st March 2018.

The Aire Logic, Mixd and Doctolo collaboration is already successfully delivering its GP Online Consultation solution in the Leeds area. Our work with Leeds West Primary Care Network is receiving a lot of interest from other CCGs and GP Practices, as different regions look for a flexible solution that can be tailored to the needs of their specific health landscape.

Some of the services that Leeds West Primary Care Network is already able to provide to patients include:

  • locating key information quickly, such as opening times and phone numbers
  • completing simple transactions, such as making and cancelling appointments
  • supporting some self-care and assessment/monitoring of conditions, either as a triage or as information recorded prior to a face to face consultation

In addition, the versatility and usability of the system means it is easy for staff to adapt the system locally, reflecting patient feedback, as the platform is continually developed.

The solution is already live across 20 of the Leeds West CCG practices, offering a responsive, online channel that is easy for local communities to access. Patients are able to use the service from a range of devices, providing user-friendly, convenient and productive engagement with the practices.

As more practices use the service, the CCG can deliver an increasingly unified approach to eConsultations, ensuring patients receive a consistent service, irrespective of which GP practice they visit, and reducing care inequalities. The solution allows practices to share resources and co-ordinate care delivery, standardising best practice across the CCG, whilst also supporting necessary customisation at GP level so the service is appropriately configured for local patient needs in each practice area.

The solution is also helping reduce demand for face to face GP services. In some cases, this is achieved by providing information that allows people to confidently care for themselves and their families without a consultation. It is also achieved by supporting the CCG in managing demand more effectively with the resources available in primary care, rather than diverting demand, so patients receive timely, appropriate care.

For more information or a demo of the GP Online Consultation solution, contact Gill Smith –

Find out more about our GP Online Consultation system, and how the Aire Logic, Mixd and Doctolo collaboration has improved the delivery of care across Leeds West CCG.