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Aire Logic sets the standard for outpatient letters

The Professional Record Standards Body for Health and Social Care has published the draft Outpatient Letter standards that will need to be implemented by 1st October 2018.

The aim of the new standard is to provide well structured outpatient information to support essential communication between clinicians and patients. As the main method of communication of an outpatient consultation and decisions, the standards aim to improve the continuity of care helping clinicians communicate relevant information more quickly.

Other benefits of the standard include;

  • Allowing the re-use of data in existing systems to populate letters and update other systems, reducing transcription errors
  • Having consistent and timely information shared between all relevant professionals, including GPs
  • Engaging patients and keeping them up to date on their outpatient attendance
  • Increased efficiency for multidisciplinary teams by providing structured and coded information on diagnoses, procedures and medications
  • Reducing time spent on duplication of recording

At Aire Logic, we have already developed a short prototype form that will allow Trusts to capture the information required for the outpatient letter – and that can be integrated with existing systems. The prototype contains the standards and data headings identified in the PRSB consultation and can be viewed here.

If you’re starting to consider your requirements for Outpatient form recording, please get in touch and we can share our approach and current work with you.

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