As always, the Health and Innovation Expo in Manchester presented an excellent opportunity to explore the ways people across the sector are revolutionising healthcare. High on the agenda this year were the topics of improving safety, and the increasing role technology can play in delivering high quality care.The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, mentioned many  current and potential future innovative digital healthcare projects in his speech, expressing the view that, whilst technology has the potential to give professionals and patients greater control over care, we must continue to ensure safety is at the heart of healthcare delivery.

At Aire Logic, we‘ve recently been involved in a range of national and local programmes that are doing just that for patients and professionals.

Our work on the national GP Connect and Care Connect programmes is allowing us to assess the landscape for future interoperability needs to deliver digital support in a range of settings across the country.

Taking this down to a local level, we’ve been able to apply that knowledge and experience when  working with colleagues and clinicians in Leeds. We have been closely involved in the development of the Leeds Care Record, already proving that, through implementing the Department of Health’s ideal strategy of a central, shared EHR, sharing information across professions ensures a patient’s holistic record can be viewed to support better, safer care.

In addition, our work with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust’s Primary Care Access Line (PCAL) has facilitated them now using a bespoke eForm to record all of the referrals they receive. This relatively simple, but highly efficient change has removed over 4,000 pieces of paper per month from the system, and eliminated the need to fax referrals to receiving areas (along with all of the risks inherent in this process). Key information from a patient’s admission record is now remotely available to the clinical area preparing to receive the patient, improving the quality of care and the patient experience..

Safety is obviously paramount in patient care, and we are proud to have been heavily involved in the newly piloted Scan for Safety patient programme in Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. The project is now live, and has the potential not only to improve patient safety, but also reduce the administrative workload of a significant number of staff by facilitating the scanning of patient demographics and geographical locations and updating PAS data and eWhiteboards accordingly.

Aire Logic remains dedicated to the core healthcare principles of shared care and safety, and is committed to developing the strategies and technologies that will continue to support the excellent work being carried out by healthcare professionals across the NHS.