Health Secretary ‘blown away’ by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Technology

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health, tweeted last week that he was ‘Blown Away’ by the EPR development at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, not least because it met standards, is working, and cost 10 times less than an off the shelf external EPR.

Aire Logic is very proud that our collaborative work with the Trust has received this recognition from the Secretary of State. Aire Logic has helped with technical resource to deliver the EPR, and our flagship eForms product underpins much of the delivery of the overall solution.

The eForms solution saw over 580,000 forms completed in September, including NEWS, Handover, VTE and ReSPECT forms to name a few. Recording patient information at the bedside and making it available for clinicians to get an holistic picture of patient care has transformed the ability to manage patient information in the Trust.

As well as improving patient information recording, and ultimately supporting better patient safety and outcomes, eForms are contributing to huge savings. Form the £30,000 per year in print costs for NEWS forms alone, through to the incredible £3 million savings in phone calls previously made to a range of professionals to find information on patients, eForms are making a difference at a budgetary level too.

Aire Logic continues to work with the Trust on a comprehensive road map of new requirements and features, all aimed predominantly at improving the patient experience and journey in Leeds, but also to make sure clinicians can make best use of their time at a time when resources for delivering care are stretched.

Mike Odling-Smee, Aire Logic CTO said ‘I’m delighted our work with the Trust is receiving this recognition. With our flexible eForms platform and integration skills we have a solution that can change rapidly to meet changing healthcare needs. Leeds have been a pleasure to work with in their innovative attitude to agile delivery – and patients are now benefiting from their approach.’

To find out more about the LTHT and Aire Logic collaboration, click here.