Thursday 29th June, 2017

Today, XML Solutions celebrated its 10th anniversary with staff, associates and customers, and used the occasion to unveil the new company name, Aire Logic.

Founded by Joe Waller and Mike Odling-Smee in 2007, XML Solutions was initially going to focus on integration technologies across all industries. However, the extensive experience both directors had in healthcare IT soon drew their interests back to the clinical sector. They decided rather than providing wide ranging integration services, their work would span all aspects of the healthcare IT landscape.

Director, Mike Odling-Smee said, “Since the company was founded it has grown both in size and ambition. We started with a consulting focus but now operate across a whole range of disciplines – from IT strategy consulting, agile development to 24×7 support and product delivery.”

Over the last ten years, XML Solutions has been working with customers across the healthcare sector, both in the UK and internationally. Director, Joe Waller said, “Contributing to the NHS on both large programmes like Spine2, as well as on a small scale with Trusts and charities, and being able to span those worlds, has been immensely rewarding. I think particular highlights for me from the last ten years include delivering the Singapore 5 year ICT healthcare plan and the go live of the eforms platform at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.”

The name ‘XML Solutions’ was a legacy carried forward from the directors’ original idea to specialise in integration, but as the company approached its tenth anniversary, it was decided a change was in order. Dr. Odling-Smee said, “XML Solutions was a fitting name for the company when we founded it ten years ago. In our consulting roles we initially focused in healthcare interoperability and integration – which were heavily (and to some extent still are) based around XML. As our company expanded its horizons and also as the IT landscape has evolved we feel that XML Solutions does not fully capture all we are up to. We love working in Leeds so we chose Aire Logic to reflect our regional roots.”

The re-launch event was attended by colleagues and customers from across the NHS and other healthcare organisations, to celebrate the company’s achievements over the last ten years and look forward to Aire Logic’s future. Dr Odling-Smee spoke of Aire Logic’s plans going forward “Over the next few years we aim to consolidate our position as experts in healthcare IT. We hope to see our flexible healthcare product forms4health grow and evolve. In terms of the company itself, we will aspire to maintain our honesty, ethos and sense of fun we have as a small company.

We are very lucky to have such a talented set of people working with us, and we could not have become such a success without them. We hope they will stay with us over the next stage of our journey, and continue to provide their expertise and guidance to the company.”

As well as revealing the new company name, Aire Logic raised money for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre, a charity Aire Logic support through their work with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.