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This week, NHS Digital have been running a campaign to highlight ways in which technology is empowering nurses, and Aire Logic’s work with Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust has been showcased as a shining example of ‘e-Nursing’ in action.

Following the Royal College of Nursing’s target that every UK nurse should be an e-Nurse by 2020, NHS Digital demonstrated how LTHT are leading the way with their innovative technology.

Aire Logic has worked with LTHT to deliver an innovative eForms framework embedded in LTHT’s system, PPM+. The solution was designed to integrate LTHT’s existing best of breed systems, with an enhanced EHR at its core. The eForms in PMM+ enable unlimited expansion and roll-out, and underpin LTHT’s paperless 2020 strategy.

PPM+ incorporates varied data from systems across LTHT, including patient administration, radiology images, and blood results. This means vital information is communicated quickly, without risk of misplaced or damaged paperwork, and patient data is stored in one place, easily accessible to relevant clinicians. The comprehensive EHR supports nurses (and other clinicians) in providing quality, holistic patient care, and ensures continuity with other settings.

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Beyond its primary purpose supporting LTHT’s complex day-to-day needs, the PPM+ EHR is the heart of the Leeds Care Record. A collaboration involving over 140 organisations, The LCR is used in all 105 GP practices across Leeds, the local mental health trust, Leeds Community Health, Leeds City Council, and Leeds’ two major hospices, ensuring that care records are available wherever an individual engages with the local health and care system.

LTHT have already used PPM+ to introduce a range of e-Nursing initiatives:


eObs allows nurses to input blood pressure, heart rate, temperature etc. into PPM+ at the bedside using a mobile device. The system automatically calculates an ‘early warning score’ (NEWS) which supports early recognition of deteriorating patients and automatically highlights on the eWhiteboards. On paper, this score can be miscalculated, potentially leading to delayed interventions, poorer outcomes and increased length of stay.



eWhiteboards were introduced across all LTHT wards, making this one of the largest eWhiteBoard implementations in the country. They integrate with PPM+, showing up-to-date information about each patient on the ward, including pending tasks, such as NEWS, VTE or falls risk assessments. Updates show immediately on the eWhiteboard (also viewable real-time across the city via the LCR), allowing nurses to instantly get an overview of the patients on the ward and to prioritise actions.


The handover eForm is currently used by nursing teams on 35 wards. It ensures continuity of care for patients during shift handover, reduces the risk of tasks being delayed or missed, and facilitates timely discharge, freeing up beds. Now, over 40,000 handover entries are made every month.


In 2017, LTHT embarked on a major new project, Scan4safety. This will make aspects of the EHR available on mobile devices, allowing staff to open the EHR by scanning the patient’s wristband, and perform activities such as associating the patient with products (e.g. heart stent) or locations (e.g. ward and bed number.)

Read Yorkshire Evening Post’s article about how LTHT are leading the way in e-Nursing technology here.