LTHT share their ‘connect all’ strategy at The King’s Fund event

Geoff Hall, Chief Medical Information Officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, delivered a presentation on the Trust’s work to share patient information across care organisations in Leeds at The King’s Fund Sharing Health and Care Records event this week.

Geoff outlined the journey the Trust had been on to implement an EHR locally, but using a ‘connect all’ rather than ‘replace all’ methodology. So far, the programme has delivered a large number of benefits to a range of professionals, as well as financial benefits across the Trust, but for Geoff, the main benefit is achieving better outcomes for patients in Leeds.

The system now delivers:

  • Information sharing on every device in the Trust
  • The ability to build highly complex forms, including handover and eObs forms, and then to publish this data onto eWhiteboards
  • Shared information across primary care, social care, community health care, mental health and local hospices
  • PACS results directly back into primary care, allowing GPs quick access to x-rays to support discussions with their patients
  • Integration across over 40 systems in the Trust

Geoff said “When I have a patient sitting in front of me I have their information at my fingertips, giving me better ability to deal with that patient and achieve the best outcomes.”

The development has also resulted in:

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust having probably the largest whiteboard deployment in England – including 110 wards, theatre waiting rooms etc
  • 16,000 active users accessing the system and increasing at a rate of 300 new users per month
  • Over 300,000 forms being completed per month – one every 3.5 seconds
  • 77,000 letters being sent from the system per month, previously completed on paper.
  • Access to records reaching 51 million hits per month

Aire Logic has been delighted to be part of developing this solution with the Trust, and seeing the difference it has already made to healthcare in the region in such a short space of time.

Geoff finished “The system has transformed my working life and it’s great to see how popular it is across the organisation.”

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