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On July 11th Aire Logic attended the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network Digital Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem Meeting in Hull.

The Digital Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem is a platform for people involved in the health and social care sector across the region to collaborate to increase the uptake of digital health technology, to enhance patient care, and participate in shared learning

The event featured familiar tales of the continuous change we all face working in and supporting the NHS, and how that change continues to present challenges in how seamless services are delivered for the population.

One of the speakers, Emma Sayner, Chief Finance Officer at NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and Finance Lead for the STP, highlighted how the redesign of services in the Humber Coast and Vale STP area (and probably other areas) needs to break down the organisational barriers, integrate with social care and reconfigure service around ‘Place’ to deliver more effective and efficient care for the population.

Of course, we all know that a strategy like that is easy to say, but presents a real challenge with resources already stretched. However with effective use of technology, we all know we can start to make a difference. Technology will play a vital role in bridging those organisational barriers, whether geographical, procedural, or cross-sector, and deliver truly integrated services.

Mike Smith, Enterprise Architect from NHS England, supported Emma’s views with a more specific technical overview of the need for local system interoperability plans and communities. Mike added that obviously system interoperability and rationalisation is not going to happen overnight, but a clear roadmap for delivery, considering business/ operational priorities is essential to make progress.

Emma Sayner concluded, “Success looks like a single fully integrated workforce, empowered by good seamless, information delivery and ability to write back to systems at the point of care” – Aire Logic agree and we can help you start that journey.

Find out more about the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network’ Digital Health programme Prescription Tramadol Online.