The wisdom of youth – NHS Youth Forum coordinator wins Aire Logic competition

Anna Sterckx, National Projects Co-ordinator at The British Youth Council, won the Aire Logic competition at this year’s Health and Care Innovation  Expo event in Manchester.

Anna co-ordinates the National Youth Select Committee, NHS Youth Forum, National Youth Scrutiny Group and is Course Director for the Youth Voice Leadership Development Programme. Anna was at Expo to support the work of the young men and women on the NHS Youth Forum.

The Youth Forum delivered a number of sessions at Expo, ranging from main stage presentations on their work, panel discussions and working with the National Policy Board on the agenda for young people and their healthcare.

Of particular interest at the conference was young people’s involvement in Public Participation Groups (PPGs). Many of the NHS Youth Forum members are now participating in PPGs across the country. These groups are providing many CCGs with feedback on services, patient pathways, and supporting local decision making on priorities, strategies and plans. The NHS Forum members provide feedback from a diverse range of young people, including people with disabilities, young people who care for members of their family, and those with mental health needs to name a few.

Anna said, “The conference was so positive for sharing information about our work. Engaging young people in decisions about their healthcare is essential for all areas of health to provide vital services at the right time for this group. It was a bonus to meet Aire Logic and hear about their ground breaking interoperability consultancy, as well as their exciting product, forms4health , and such a surprise to win their competition too!”

At Aire Logic, we were delighted to meet Anna and hear about the NHS Youth Forum’s work. Our eforms platform, forms4health, was designed to make data capture and sharing quick, accurate and reliable, and could be used to collate and analyse information from young people to inform service delivery, local youth health needs as well as supporting input for specific patient groups.  Aire Logic is already engaged in a similar project through our work with the dietetics service in Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Following our discussion with Anna, we are excited to explore ways we can expand forms4health in this area, and further improve care provision for this demographic.

If you think forms4health could help support your healthcare data requirements, or are interested in other ways forms4health promotes safe, efficient and cost-effective clinical practice, please contact us at or visit to find out more.