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Aire Logic’s activities fall broadly into three categories: offering technical consulting on architecture and IT strategy, providing agile delivery and DevOps services, and creating innovative healthcare IT solutions. Naturally, these areas have a lot of overlap, and one of the main strengths of our company is that we have experience across of all stages of an IT delivery programme, from the initial strategy and architecture, to implementing an appropriate solution that will achieve your organisation’s specific aims.

Our understanding of everything involved, from the business change process and the technical requirements, coupled with the front line experience of our clinical consultants, makes us uniquely placed to support a wide range of healthcare IT projects. This experience is equally applicable for an individual trust looking to review an existing IT infrastructure, to a national organisation implementing massive scale systems.

We pride ourselves on forming strong, productive relationships with all of our clients. The fact that our staff will usually work onsite during a project further supports close collaboration and allows them to work in a fully integrated way with the project team. Our relationships inevitably extend beyond the initial scope of the projects, and we are delighted that we continue to support so many of our customers in developing their IT strategy even further.

The majority of our work is bespoke, individually assessed projects, not off the shelf solutions. Whether it is better integrating existing systems, implementing business change, or designing a specific piece of software, we believe it is essential to take the time to fully understand a client’s situation and objectives in order to find the right solution for them.



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