Product development and support

With a team of highly experienced developers, Aire Logic is not only able to offer advice and technical support, but to create innovative IT solutions.

In addition to our client-driven work, we also try to dedicate time to our own projects. These usually stem from occasions where we have tried to look for a tool to use ourselves, but found it doesn’t exist, or from the challenges we have observed being experienced by healthcare professionals.

In instances where we create a tool to address a problem we have encountered, be it quickly mocking up UIs that allow you to generate, receive and view messages to demonstrate integration services, or having a suitable load creation framework for testing, we have then made these solutions available to other businesses facing the same challenges. In cases where we try to address some of the big issues in healthcare IT, we have embarked on much larger projects. One such example is – a free service we decided to create to hep standardise the use, and improve the quality, of forms across the NHS.

Perhaps our largest venture in this domain is our in-house product forms4health, which came about as an extension of the project and we hope will make significant impact in the successful digitisation of the NHS.