EA Light

IT decision making can often be ad hoc, isolated, and short term. Enterprise architecture coordinates the various components of an organisation so that everyone is aiming at the same goal. It enables the development of IT strategies, promotes knowledge sharing and good technology governance.

Enterprise Architecture Light (EA light) is a method that has been developed to allow organisations to quickly and effectively apply enterprise architecture techniques. It helps the organisation to develop a robust IT strategy and rapidly reap the benefits of enterprise architecture.

By considering the meaningful drivers and goals of any project, and the realistic capabilities of the client, our EA Light method produces appropriate principles and strategy to deliver the desired outcomes.

Although happy in a traditional IT organisation, EA Light is also designed to work harmoniously with agile delivery teams and applies some of the key principles of agile programming practice:

  • It places trust in the skills of the individual, allowing them to document decisions quickly and simply.

  • It emphasises individual communication over documented communication with customers and colleagues.

  • It believes in the importance of sharing information widely and freely within the organisation.

  • It is focused on productivity over method. In this case, productivity is measured in the making and recording of organisational and architectural strategic decisions.

  • It supports self-organising teams, providing space within an overall governance process for them to do architecture their own way.

  • It is designed to cope rapidly and effectively with change, supporting continuous delivery of strategy.

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