Forms4health is an intuitive, easily integrated, electronic smart forms platform, designed to put an organisation in control of their healthcare IT. We believe clinical software needs to reflect the dynamic, varied nature of the healthcare sector, so from the outset, we designed forms4health to be responsive, versatile and interoperable.

Forms4health is also available as an OEM pluggin, allowing your other applications to accommodate change via a publishing paradigm without a reliance on development teams.

Forms4health will be able to replicate any existing processes in your organisation, whether currently conducted on paper or digitally, but will also bring additional benefits to streamline your workflows and allow more efficient, cost-effective and intelligent working:

  • Control how and when resources are created and implemented, with no reliance on external software companies to design functionality or schedule release cycles.

  • Improve data quality to provide accurate, personalised care to patients, and support detailed analysis across all areas of business operations.

  • Enhance sharing and interoperability with comprehensive integration capabilities, allowing you to join up with satellite organisations for no extra cost, regardless of their technology environment.

  • Provide all healthcare professionals with the user friendly tools required to create their own resources, with no previous technical training required.

  • Create sophisticated forms with features including branching logic, conditional questions, and clinical decision support.

  • Increase efficiency through all stages of the process; form design, implementation, data capture and analysis.

  • Achieve the NHS Five Year Forward View requirement of paperless working by 2020 with the capability to easily recreate any paper form electronically.

Read about how eforms are transforming care at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

Visit the forms4health website to learn more.